Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It’s hot and Greenwich was hot

The weather forecast was due to be a lovely hot summer’s day (at long last) so we decided to take a trip to Greenwich.  The Cutty Sark has been restored, the navel college grounds are now open to the general public, and there are some lovely pubs and restaurants.

Parking is limited so a bus trip was in order – 40 mins later in the heart of this wonderful historic town. It was busy, the Olympic equestrian events are taking place in Greenwich park so there was a lot a activity over in the park, temporary buildings, stands for spectators, bridges over the road.
There was concert going on in the naval college grounds, families with picnic, blankets on the ground, children playing while the music was playing, the sun beating down, shorts, t-shirts, little dresses and wonderful blue sky.
The £12 we paid each to visit the Cutty Sark, was in my view good value, the restoration was fab – the smell of teak wood was just heavenly. 

The hull of the ship is clad in copper which is so bling - apparently it makes the ship go faster.

Lower deck - being 5'11" in stocking feet - I had to mind my head - those iron girders were so low.  But the smell of the wood was divine.  I didn't realise that the Cutty Sark did more runs from Australia with wool than from China with tea - very informative exhibition in the lower deck.

The tangle of the rigging was beautiful against the blue sky even if it did look like ordered mess.

DaddyHen visited when he was very little (umm some 40+ years ago) and remembered the figurehead collection.

The view on from the top deck - over to HMS Ocean, The Shard in the background.

A very informative 2 hours was spent going over the Cutty Sark - an enjoyable day.

MummyHen X

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  1. Its very impressive. Looks like you had a good visit.

    Arwedd xx