Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Vets bill

Big Cats visit to the vet cost me £189.05, nothing major but his teeth did need a clean. It's way more than I had budgeted for, we had a small contingency budget for July which is now £89.05 lighter.  

Dental Scaling £25.20
Antirobe caps £10.56
Metacam £9.38
General Anaesthetic £90
Clamoxyl LA Inj £9.19
Metacam Inj £11.72
BloodTest Pre Op £33.00
But he seems much happier - a few small patches where he was shaved; he's such a lovely cat. We don't mention to him that he was a failed stud - just in case it hurts his ego!?!

>>>Edit:  At the checkup yesterday another injection cost £22.12
Total £211.17.  Contingency budget adjusted

MummyHen X

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