Thursday, 28 February 2013

Little cat is home

It's been a worrying few days but finally little cat is home. After two operations, three different vets, many pounds later, he's home, he needs to be kept in until his next operation in about three weeks - that will be difficult, but it needs to be done. 

More soon

MummyHen X

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Thank you

For all you comments about Little Cat - its going to be a long process. 

However life here continues; two of our hens have started to lay after a winter break that started at beginning of October.  Golden eggs, as DaddyHen calls them, hopefully the other three will start soon  - we usually get a good supply from mid February to end September.  Not having any hybrid hens means that you dont get eggs all year round. 

I have nearly finished my patchwork crochet granny square blanket - choosing the edging colours seems to be harder than the squares, another three or four rows to go; this blanket is massive - I'll give you the stats when I do the ta-dah post.

Loads Hundreds of ends have been sawn in, been doing as I went along; the thought of having to do them ALL at the end - was a horrid thought, anyway the are all done except for the last few rounds of boarder. 

Sold some more stuff on eBay which yielded another £109 for the sealed pot or tin in my case.

MummyHen X

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Poorly cat

Just after dinner yesterday evening SonnyHen found Little Cat (he's actually not that little but he is little compared to Big Hum) curled up on the sofa - not that unusual - but on closer inspection it was clear that he'd been hit by a car. With his head taking the full impact - he was not a pretty sight. Our vet was closed so off we set to the emergency vet

They dealt with him very quickly clearing the blood and mucus from his mouth, x-rays, blood tests, antibiotics, adrenalyn there was a lot of blood, pain killers and he was kept in overnight. We picked him up at 7:30am and took him to our vet where he was operated on to fix his broken jaw by wiring it together and to clean up his face. His left eye is a concern but until the swelling subsides we won't know if there is any permanent damage.

Just very happy he's alive albeit a little battered and very sore.  Some photos from last year.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Vital Statistics

No not my 38-24-36 - [in my dreams] 
I have 33 followers – hello to you all; thanks very much for following my blog.  If you don’t follow then do click the button on the right to join and follow this blog.  I have had some lovely comments over the past seven months since I started this journey – again thank you all

Every now and then I look at the blog stats on how many people read the blog and where they come from; not only location but from which site (known as Referring Sites) ie as Frugal Queen lists my blog in her ‘My Blog List’ I can see that x number of view come via Frugal Queen – thanks Jane.

 Most days I get an average of 32 views but my post on 23rd January  snail-mail-and-email-went-to-post something very odd happened ‘apparently’ I had 2,537 page views – hello to you all wow – that’s a huge jump.  I’d like to think they are real people and not blogger playing a joke on me – which would be very cruel.  Anybody got any ideas as to what was to wonderful about this post?  Did you blog stats jump up suddenly?

Progress has been made on the patchwork blanket – just over half of the remaining squares have been completed.

MummyHen X

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

DaddyHen knows I love him & I know he loves me – we tell each other nearly every day; we don’t go in for all this meal out, meal in deals; presents, flowers on Valentine ’s Day.  A christian festival that’s been adopted by the marketing men to make money - we don't buy into this.


Love you DaddyHen

MummyHen X


Sunday, 10 February 2013

The journey to a debt free life

is full of pitfalls, obstacles and temptations.

This month we have started to pay down the two credit cards that WILL be paid off later this year.  DaddyHen has snowballed a loan, CC#1 (both of which are fully paid off) & the regular payment to CC#3 and paid £850 to Mr B’card this month.
In the post yesterday morning was a letter from Mr B’Card in big bold letters – Important News about your B’card credit limit.  Baring in mind, that the card was last used well over a year ago, minimum +£50 has been paid each month, our initial thought was they were going to reduce – silly us

Good news … … your credit limit will be increased from £10,900 to £12,000.  NO NO NO NO 

The letter goes on to say ‘ text KEEP to  blah blah blah if you want to stay at the current limit.  If DaddyHen does nothing then on 19th March the increase will happen.
What annoys me is it should be the other way round; DaddyHen should text if he wants the increase NOT text to stay at the same credit limit. Credit limit increases should be ‘opt-in’ not ‘opt-out’.
Needless to say a quick text was sent – roll on December when the card will be paid off.
Ohh another weekend of free listings on ebay – I have been busy sorting out a few cupboards


MummyHen X

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Interesting sky

At 7am this morning this was the view from the kitchen window; the colour of the sky was a blue/grey with pink clouds.

Just had to snap a few photos to share


MummyHen X

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Patchwork granny square blanket      

It’s nearly done - 560 squares (28x20).  The colours and the randomness of their placement – just make me smile. 
The down side is it’s not big enough – I think I need another 5 or 6 rows along the long edge another 140 or 168 squares. 
I have enough yarn – good old Stylecraft Special DK – I have only had to buy one additional ball of light blue I have plenty to finish.
I must tell you my ebay selling generated £155.54 – which is amazing; will have to start looking out other stuff to sell and declutter.


MummyHen X

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Activity in the Hen house…

Actually there is very little activity in the Hen house – my five hens haven’t laid any eggs since October – each egg they do lay must be worth a fortune (too scared to work it out).  I did notice today that their combs are getting redder so hopefully eggs are going to be back on the menu very soon.

Last weekend was free listing on eBay so I listed 44 items magazines, crafty books, unwanted perfume gift sets that I’ve read and are just taking up space – I don’t need them.  If I can make a few quid for the tin then that’s just a bonus.  These items were making nothing just piled on a shelf.  I plan to get rid of stuff on eBay each month; DaddyHen reminded me that I had boxes of blue and white china in the loft; butter knives and silver spoons; all from many years ago when I when through a collecting phase. 

Work has been extremely busy – I work for a large multinational that has offshored many of the back office activities to various locations in Asia.  I was reconciling 2012 budgets and preparing for 2013 activities when I noticed some missing data; I questioned it – nothing happened; I escalated it – nothing happened; I made the onshore team aware – a little movement – just forwarding on my emails; my weekly update with my Leadership team brought it to their attention.  Well this Thursday all hell broke loose when it was realised I was correct – and yes you’ve guessed the offshore team wanted me to fix it; I don’t think so – your processes are broken, you don’t understand what you are doing – you claim to understand when we have conference calls and are shown the issues but clearly you don’t have a clue


AHHH – thanks for listening to my rant


MummyHen X