Thursday, 21 February 2013

Poorly cat

Just after dinner yesterday evening SonnyHen found Little Cat (he's actually not that little but he is little compared to Big Hum) curled up on the sofa - not that unusual - but on closer inspection it was clear that he'd been hit by a car. With his head taking the full impact - he was not a pretty sight. Our vet was closed so off we set to the emergency vet

They dealt with him very quickly clearing the blood and mucus from his mouth, x-rays, blood tests, antibiotics, adrenalyn there was a lot of blood, pain killers and he was kept in overnight. We picked him up at 7:30am and took him to our vet where he was operated on to fix his broken jaw by wiring it together and to clean up his face. His left eye is a concern but until the swelling subsides we won't know if there is any permanent damage.

Just very happy he's alive albeit a little battered and very sore.  Some photos from last year.


  1. Ah, poor Little Cat. Glad he's going to be alright.


  2. Poor boy!!!! Hope he gets better soon!

    Amanda :-)

  3. Poor little one - I suppose it was another idiot driving far too fast who caught him - hope he's ok xxx

  4. Oh poor little flower, hope he is on the mend very quickly. Give him a (very gentle) fuss from me. xx

  5. Hope he recovers quickly, poor puss.

  6. Oh, poor little puss. Stokes from me.
    Love from Mum

  7. Poor little puss.Its heartbreaking when anything happens to them, they cant tell you and you have to try and figure it out. Marmalade broke her leg a few years ago and we were worried we would lose her thankfully she was okay and thank goodness we had her insured too.