Saturday, 23 February 2013

Thank you

For all you comments about Little Cat - its going to be a long process. 

However life here continues; two of our hens have started to lay after a winter break that started at beginning of October.  Golden eggs, as DaddyHen calls them, hopefully the other three will start soon  - we usually get a good supply from mid February to end September.  Not having any hybrid hens means that you dont get eggs all year round. 

I have nearly finished my patchwork crochet granny square blanket - choosing the edging colours seems to be harder than the squares, another three or four rows to go; this blanket is massive - I'll give you the stats when I do the ta-dah post.

Loads Hundreds of ends have been sawn in, been doing as I went along; the thought of having to do them ALL at the end - was a horrid thought, anyway the are all done except for the last few rounds of boarder. 

Sold some more stuff on eBay which yielded another £109 for the sealed pot or tin in my case.

MummyHen X


  1. Hi
    when you have a minute pop into my blog there is a little something there for you.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I wanna blanket, I wanna blanket - I want that one!