Friday, 15 February 2013

Vital Statistics

No not my 38-24-36 - [in my dreams] 
I have 33 followers – hello to you all; thanks very much for following my blog.  If you don’t follow then do click the button on the right to join and follow this blog.  I have had some lovely comments over the past seven months since I started this journey – again thank you all

Every now and then I look at the blog stats on how many people read the blog and where they come from; not only location but from which site (known as Referring Sites) ie as Frugal Queen lists my blog in her ‘My Blog List’ I can see that x number of view come via Frugal Queen – thanks Jane.

 Most days I get an average of 32 views but my post on 23rd January  snail-mail-and-email-went-to-post something very odd happened ‘apparently’ I had 2,537 page views – hello to you all wow – that’s a huge jump.  I’d like to think they are real people and not blogger playing a joke on me – which would be very cruel.  Anybody got any ideas as to what was to wonderful about this post?  Did you blog stats jump up suddenly?

Progress has been made on the patchwork blanket – just over half of the remaining squares have been completed.

MummyHen X


  1. Hello Mummy Hen
    That patchwork blanket is certainly looking very vibrant colour wise and nice...over half done not far to go then. I'm often tempted to start another blanket (last one I did about 10 years ago) actually more of a throw for the settee, but my daughter pinched from me when she moved into her own place. As I said I'm tempted but I just don't seem to be able to do very large projects lately I flitter between small wips.

    You mention your Etsy shop however I don't see a link to it here on your blog....or at least I can't find it ???

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. Your viewing stats can take a dramatic leap if you have something in a post title that will be picked up by people doing a Google search for something.

    Sue xx

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