Saturday, 30 November 2013

Two busy weeks

Spent five days in Holland week before last; planning for 2014; it came as no surprise that some of the projects that had been planned won’t start as the business made a huge loss and some that started during past few months will stop.  It’s a disappointment but that happens with innovation; if the business isn’t making money then we are one of the first in the firing line for cuts.

On a lighter note; I had no trouble taking this Christmas cake with me on the plane – I was glad when I got the office with it;  It was a little cumbersome carrying it around. It went down really well - not a glitter ball was left.

My flight on the Monday was delayed due to technical issues which very sadly meant I didn't get to the Rijksmuseum and then even more annoying its not open late; all the museums close at 5pm every day.  I was hopeful that on the Thursday they would be open till 8pm and we could get to see some lovely artwork – I am sure there will be a next time.

This last week was spent catching up – stupid hours have been worked but hopefully that’s it now for this year – no time for any me time.

Today, DaddyHen and I went to Borough Market at London Bridge; it was packed, we think its lost its charm - its way too touristy

Some delicious looking food - we resisted.  The only things we bought were a ham hock, some mushrooms and a pawpaw.  My mum and I used to have pawpaw for breakfast when we lived in Africa - yum yum with lime juice and a sprinkling of sugar. 

We didn't spend long - ahhh why do people just stop dead in front of you for no reason. Too many people for out liking - back on the train to Kent.

Tomorrow is the opening of my sealed tin – can’t wait…

MummyHen X

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Gifts, awards and cakes

Busy busy at work – but then as we near year end there is always heaps to do.  I received a lovely box of expensive chocolates – to be honest I would have preferred something else I’m not really a chocy person; don’t get me wrong I really enjoy a chocolate desert but not into eating chocolates – boy I sound ungrateful – I’m not; they have been put in the Christmas box and I’m sure we will all enjoy them at Christmas, That was on Tuesday then on Friday I received a recognition award – formal company recognition award from one of the General Managers – Dinner for Two.  I’m really pleased.  I do work hard (DH says too hard), I get paid well so receiving this is lovely.

Question is now where do we go – no value has been mentioned - I need to ask as I don’t want to be extravagant but on the other hand don’t want to spend £50 and for them to say ah you could have spent £100.  I was told to choose a ‘nice’ restaurant – what does that mean?!

A colleague knows that I always make Christmas cakes and recommended Nigel Slaters Christmas cake – not tried that one before – it came out looking really good; I had trouble getting ground almonds; perhaps there's a shortage both Mr T and Mr S had none, DH ground some for me - I had whole almonds in the cupboard.

I will be away in Holland all this coming week – and I decided to take a Christmas Cake with me 

it sounded like a good idea at the time but carrying a cake in hand luggage – umm maybe not such a great idea; I did check with the airline and the airport and both said it was ok.

MummyHen X

Sunday, 10 November 2013

We will remember

We will remember all the fallen of all wars – bygone and recent

We particularly remember Alfred William Dewberry killed at the battle of Battle of Arras 10th April 1917 aged 34.

Alfred and his wife Georgina and baby Alfred taken in Jersey in 1908.

MummyHen X

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas cake

Yeahh – I set myself a target to get my Christmas cake made this week – well I sort of archived it. The fruit has been soaking for a few weeks

One huge 12” square cake which will be cut into four smaller cakes - I had to split the mixture into two bowls as my mixer couldn't cope the amount of mixture

One 8” round; I thought I had two 8” round deep tins umm I'm sure did but I didn't so couldn't make the two at the same time as I had planned. 

We are out all day Sunday so the second it will have to wait until Monday.

Looking back I seem to be behind this year – my cakes were all made by this time last year.

MummyHen X

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hooking for Kitties

Having seen Amanda @ crafty in the med appeal for stray and abandoned cats in Spain - we have two here in the coop . Humphrey 

and Sheene

I just had to pick up my hook. Having got my crochet mojo back a few weeks ago – I started to crochet this blanket;

I saw it on Little Tin Birds blog another great blog if you've not come across Heather before – the colours are muted but really beautiful.  I didn't have an owner in mind so perhaps it can be sold to raise some funds.

I will finish these pin cushions and send them to Spain to help the strays cats.

MummyHen X

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hello – it’s me

I am here.  After a short sabbatical from blogging I am back – perhaps not as refreshed as I’d like but back none the less am back.
Work is still ‘the tiger in the room’ and I am trying to tame it – but it’s difficult. Part of my strategy to reduce the number of hours I work [my contract says 35 but reality is near 60] is to set goals each week for none work activities and stick to them.  We went to see Captain Philips a couple of weeks ago on a Friday afternoon – I had said I would finish work at noon and NOT check email or log back on to work until 8am on Monday – it was VERY difficult but I did manage to stick to it.  I am still waking in the early hours with work on my mind and finding it increasingly difficult not to go into my home office and login.
Money saving is going well – a few wobbles in the last few months but nothing that a months or so of being extra thrifty won’t solve. We have finished paying the community charge so that’s an extra £175 for the next 5 months that can towards credit cards; the final payment on the car loan will be made in a few week then we will be loan free – wooohooo – another £430 for snowballing.
My tin for the Sealed Pot Challenge is still sealed and weighing over 8.5kgs I am really hoping that there will be more than £1,000 in it when its opened on 1st December – getting excited about it. 
Fruit for the Christmas cake has been soaking for a few weeks and I am hoping to that I will be able to make the cake this week.
My mum had her 82nd birthday at the beginning of last month and we spent a lovely day with her and Betty - I made a lovely PoppySeed and Lemon cake; it was really yummy.
SonnyHen has started to play rugby again after not playing for a season.  This means that Saturdays revolve around where he’s playing; we all travel together so arrive a good few hours before kick-off which gives DaddyHen and I time to go for a long walk.  Last week we gathered sweet chestnuts (note to self don't gather them without gloves - I still have tiny tiny splinters from the spines in my fingers).  This week there were hips and these purple berries
I think they are sloes but not sure - if you know then let me know. 

MummyHen X