Saturday, 30 November 2013

Two busy weeks

Spent five days in Holland week before last; planning for 2014; it came as no surprise that some of the projects that had been planned won’t start as the business made a huge loss and some that started during past few months will stop.  It’s a disappointment but that happens with innovation; if the business isn’t making money then we are one of the first in the firing line for cuts.

On a lighter note; I had no trouble taking this Christmas cake with me on the plane – I was glad when I got the office with it;  It was a little cumbersome carrying it around. It went down really well - not a glitter ball was left.

My flight on the Monday was delayed due to technical issues which very sadly meant I didn't get to the Rijksmuseum and then even more annoying its not open late; all the museums close at 5pm every day.  I was hopeful that on the Thursday they would be open till 8pm and we could get to see some lovely artwork – I am sure there will be a next time.

This last week was spent catching up – stupid hours have been worked but hopefully that’s it now for this year – no time for any me time.

Today, DaddyHen and I went to Borough Market at London Bridge; it was packed, we think its lost its charm - its way too touristy

Some delicious looking food - we resisted.  The only things we bought were a ham hock, some mushrooms and a pawpaw.  My mum and I used to have pawpaw for breakfast when we lived in Africa - yum yum with lime juice and a sprinkling of sugar. 

We didn't spend long - ahhh why do people just stop dead in front of you for no reason. Too many people for out liking - back on the train to Kent.

Tomorrow is the opening of my sealed tin – can’t wait…

MummyHen X

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