Thursday, 7 November 2013

Hooking for Kitties

Having seen Amanda @ crafty in the med appeal for stray and abandoned cats in Spain - we have two here in the coop . Humphrey 

and Sheene

I just had to pick up my hook. Having got my crochet mojo back a few weeks ago – I started to crochet this blanket;

I saw it on Little Tin Birds blog another great blog if you've not come across Heather before – the colours are muted but really beautiful.  I didn't have an owner in mind so perhaps it can be sold to raise some funds.

I will finish these pin cushions and send them to Spain to help the strays cats.

MummyHen X


  1. Jeysus when do you find the time to do all that? However I have seen you crochet a square in 15 seconds so time isn't really an issue!! Love, love the blanket.......will learn to crochet this Winter!

  2. Fabulous blanket!
    I love the colours!

  3. That's so good of you! Kerrie at Spanish Strays will be delighted with those pin cushions. Did you see her address at the end of m latest post. I also have her email if you need it.
    The colours on that blanket certainly are beautiful it will be an impressive piece of work. It reminds me of strawberries and ice-cream :-)
    keep well

    Amanda :-)