Sunday, 3 February 2013

Activity in the Hen house…

Actually there is very little activity in the Hen house – my five hens haven’t laid any eggs since October – each egg they do lay must be worth a fortune (too scared to work it out).  I did notice today that their combs are getting redder so hopefully eggs are going to be back on the menu very soon.

Last weekend was free listing on eBay so I listed 44 items magazines, crafty books, unwanted perfume gift sets that I’ve read and are just taking up space – I don’t need them.  If I can make a few quid for the tin then that’s just a bonus.  These items were making nothing just piled on a shelf.  I plan to get rid of stuff on eBay each month; DaddyHen reminded me that I had boxes of blue and white china in the loft; butter knives and silver spoons; all from many years ago when I when through a collecting phase. 

Work has been extremely busy – I work for a large multinational that has offshored many of the back office activities to various locations in Asia.  I was reconciling 2012 budgets and preparing for 2013 activities when I noticed some missing data; I questioned it – nothing happened; I escalated it – nothing happened; I made the onshore team aware – a little movement – just forwarding on my emails; my weekly update with my Leadership team brought it to their attention.  Well this Thursday all hell broke loose when it was realised I was correct – and yes you’ve guessed the offshore team wanted me to fix it; I don’t think so – your processes are broken, you don’t understand what you are doing – you claim to understand when we have conference calls and are shown the issues but clearly you don’t have a clue


AHHH – thanks for listening to my rant


MummyHen X

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