Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pink gingham blanket ta dah

I finished this simple blanket during the week for a work colleague whose wife had their baby girl 7 weeks early.

It’s the second Gingham blanket that I've done as is such a quick and simple design. The pattern can be found on here on Ravelry
I have another project which I will share later in the week – a lovely little knitting project

Being thrifty

Well, this week has been about putting in to practice the plans – I’m sure I’ve been a little obsessive about it but I believe in what we are doing; the results will speak for themselves at the end of July.
Julys target is to have the emergency fund in place; reduce the food/grocery shopping to £500; put away funds for work that’s needed in the garden and pay 20% off from one credit card.
DaddyHen did the shopping on Friday and spent £109.58 - which is a about a third lower than in previous weeks.  That included a months worth of washing powder as it was on special - which will come out of the £50 Bulk Buying fund. Put £20 of fuel in each car - that raised another topic of some heated discussions this week - Do we really need two cars?
Saturday we did a reccy at another supermarket, - to compare prices and offerings - we picked up some bargains; which will be put to good use.  I got a great idea from Sue - if you don't already read her blog then I'd recommend it - Our New Life in the Country - on slicing meat and pocketing the pennies (20th June posting). We were spending over £40 per week on sliced meats.  There will be more on this over the next week.

Spending this week will be kept to a minimum and to only items that have been planned - grocery shopping and Big Cat to the Vet; his oral hygiene is dreadful - so he's going to have his teeth cleaned. I will leave you with a picture of Big Cat.

MummyHen X

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  1. Your blanket looks really lovely. I think I'd like to have a go at that pattern, but my Wish To Do list is getting longer and longer ;-)

    Arwedd xx