Saturday, 21 July 2012

Here comes the torch

For some reason I regressed to being about 8yrs old waiting for father Christmas – I was so excited about the prospect of seeing the torch. Not really sure why I don’t have tickets to any of the events but I just had to see the torch.
The torch was going through Eltham at about 8:30am this morning – a short drive, lots of side roads for parking – right we were off. 

And the SUN shone – (Here in the UK it’s been raining since beginning of April) so to have blue sky and sun was wonderful.

The convoy began with a few police outriders – the security was low key, watchful and alert but allowing the spectators to get a good view without being overbearing - followed by the Olympic cars, the bus carrying the torchbearers and floats from Olympic sponsors.

Then the torch carried by June O’Regan - nominated by one of her grandchildren read about it here

 And to our surprise a ‘kiss’ would take place just yards from where we stood

It was really lovely, lots of excited children (and me), flags waving, bunting, the houses that lined the route were bedecked in red, white and blue

And then it was gone – onwards towards Woolwich

MummyHen X

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