Saturday, 14 July 2012

Daily bread

I made bread yesterday for the first time - I was so happy with the result.  Thanks to the wonderful tutorial from Rhonda at Down to Earth

My loaf turn out really well - I had to stop Sonnyhen from devouring it straight away.

I sent Daddyhen to the local shop to find the price of strong flour £1.99 for 1.5kgs - no way was I going to pay that; I was actually very surprised at the cost.

I happened to be going past (I wasn't going to make a special journey - I can hear Daddyhen singing frugal frugal) a large supermarket where they had strong flour on offer 3kgs for £2.  I used my lovely KA blue mixer to knead the dough and I discovered my oven and both a proving function and a bread function - Never noticed that before.  Years ago I did have a bread maker but I didn't like the shape of the bread, silly really; but needless to say I got rid.

Forgot to take photo of the start of the process - just getting used to this blogging lark, and don't always have camera by my side.

After proving

I knocked the dough back, put it in the tin, sprinkled with sesame seeds, slashed the top and put into a very hot oven.

I read somewhere about adding a tray of water in the bottom to give some steam - so I gave this ago. 10mins on 220 and then 20mins on 200 produced this...

And half an hour later after much smelling and asking certain people not to touch. 

MummyHen X

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