Monday, 16 July 2012

Fortnightly spending roundup

Well - we’ve been trying to be frugal and carefully with our spending for two weeks now.  In addition to the mortgage and the regular bills we have spent.

Meat Slicer

The food amount includes part of the £50 allocated to bulk buying – some good bargains to be had on items close to use by dates (I seem to be attracted to yellow stickers!!) and some household items reductions on washing power and dishwasher tablets.  The DIY spend was to complete a project, new workshop, that had already started before our new way of spending.  Of the £882.61; £491.84 won’t be a regular monthly expenditure as these were one offs. 

There’s £200 in the food budget for the next two weeks; DaddyHen is convinced that we will come in on budget – which will be great; I'd like to come in under but let's see.
Eight no spend days in the last 14, would have been ten but we had two visits to the vet.

MummyHen X

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