Monday, 9 July 2012

Sliced meats

I mentioned in the last post about how much we were spending on sliced meats each week; well, I bought this meat slicer.

From here, had to order it as my local store didn't have any but the click and collect service is very efficient.

Cooked the meat, left it to cool on a rack, put in the fridge overnight and next morning got slicing

Pork 2.6kg £7.18 *bargain* yielded 800g of sliced meat - Lower right
Chicken 700g £5.00 yielded 450g of sliced meat - lower left
Turkey 700g £5.00 yielded 450g of sliced meat - top left
Beef 2.0kg £12.18 yielded 1.385kg of sliced meat - top right

If we had bought this sliced in the supermarket, usually 2 packets for £4.00 (a packet is 100g) it would have cost over £60. These four joints cost £29.36.  Yes, we had to buy the slicer but that will pay for its self very quickly.
I’m really very pleased, I have 20 packets (4 slices per packet) of sliced meat; 16 of which will go into the freezer, we had some of the pork for supper on Saturday evening, and we have one packet of each in the fridge.

MummyHen X

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  1. I'm still learning about food and cooking. Can I ask, do you find the meat is not as nice once it has been frozen & then defrosted?

    Arwedd xx