Wednesday, 1 August 2012

End July Spending Round up

A month has gone by, the pounds have stopped flowing into the cash registers of retailers and into the pockets of the banks – I know it sounds weird but that’s what’s happened during July in MummyHens coop.
It’s been an interesting month of getting into the routine and habit of shopping differently – I am obsessed with looking for yellow price reduction stickers; we found a few joints of meat that were reduced. 

The slicer has been used at least once a week to either slice homemade bread or slice the joints of ham, beef or chicken; I don’t think about buying ham or chicken in packets any longer and the yield from each joint is so much more with the slicer.  We have set aside an area in the summerhouse for bulk buying household items; toilet rolls, dishwasher tabs, washing power – basically anything that’s not perishable – it now looks like a duka [Swahili word for a shop]

1.  Yeah - our food budget came in on budget – OK £3.90 to roll over; spent £498.76 plus £47.34 on bulk buy
2.  Emergency Fund - £1,000 is safely ensconced for emergencies.
3.  Paid off loan - this money will be snowballed to pay down CC#1.
4.  CC #1 – extra paid; this card will be paid off in November.
5.  Summerhouse maintenance – Re-felted the roof, painted outside.

August Goals
1.  Keep within food budget. August is a long month with five weeks so our food budget will be £675 (£125 per week + £50 bulk buy).
2.  Pay extra on CC#1.
3.  Increase the monthly payments to other CCs – will only be rounding up to nearest 100 but it will help.
4.  House maintenance – redecorate dining room.
5.  Book holiday – looking forward to a break at end of September. 

Lots happening in August: Tall ship cruise; Climb the Dome; DaddyHens birthday; visit MummyHens mum. 

MummyHen X

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