Saturday, 18 August 2012

Birthday Treat part 2

Yesterday was second part of DaddyHens birthday treat – a walk over the O2 or should that be the Greenwich Arena as we are still in Olympic mode. Anyway it’s the O2 to me.

There are some criteria which need to be met

1.    10 years or older – Check – with a few years grace

2.    A minimum height of 1.2 m – check by ¾of a metre

3.    A weight of less than 130kg/21 stone/286lbs which is the maximum weight our harnesses can bear. – check – a few stone to spare

4.    Able to wear a harness which has a maximum width waist of [125cm] and a maximum upper thigh width of [75cm] which are the maximum measurements of our harnesses. – check although having well developed thighs I did have to get the tape measure out!!

We booked in, completed the necessary H&S forms. Watched the safety video (cheesey to say the least), donned the blue nylon boiler suits (nylon in this heat not a good combo) and the harness. Long hair had to be tied back, bags etc placed in lockers – only small camera that can fit in small pocket on can be taken up or phones. No bags or large SRL cameras allowed.

BIL#1 had climbed the day before and had given us some tips on what to wear; sturdy trainers or walking boots, thin t-shirt and shorts or leggings, as the boiler suits are very hot.

Jeremy our guide attached us to the safety cable and showed us how to get past the wire joiners (I can’t remember their official name) and we were off.

The start is VERY steephill going up was really hard work – gee whiz it was very very steep; pulling with one hand on the wire rope and swishing along the metal attachment thingy (I can’t remember its name); it’s hard work.  On our trip there were about 12 people most where young, I’d say in their 30s however, there was an older women who was probably in her 60s who did very well.  It hard work pulling yourself up the steep start and remembering to swish along the metal thingy, if you don’t compress the metal thingy it clamps on to the wire and you come to halt.

Its flattens off a little after the initial walk up the side and it’s a little like walking on a trampoline its very springy and there’s an urge to bounce; which Is not allowed!!

I’m not good with heights but I was concentrating so much on the metal thingy and hauling my body up the hill that I didn’t even notice the height.

The platform at the top has wonderful views; Jeremy unclipped us so we could walk around freely and take photos.  The views are spectacular -   around the perimeter are skyline information panels.

The view from the platform was stunning, canary wharf with the shard peeping through

The helter-skelter (ArcelorMittal Orbit), the Olympic stadium just about visible and the Aquatics centre

Royal Naval College and Greenwich

Down the Thames to the east; Thames barrier, Woolwich, North Greenwich pier and Antony Gormley's Quantum Cloud, you may ask it’s the monstrosity to the right of the pier, if you squint you can see an figure of a man in the centre.  Squint harder he is in the middle.

Excel centre, DLR red train, cable car

St Marks Victoria dock – a significant church for DaddyHens family; paternal Great Grandfather is named on the WW1 Memorial, MILs marriage, DaddyHens christening – sadly it’s not a church any longer but a music hall – but at least it’s still being used.

London’s only lighthouse – Trinity Buoy Wharf.  The pier on the foreground is part of London's longest pier


Sky kiss

MummyHen X


  1. Ohhh nooooo. There is no way in the world you'd get me up there. I want to go on the ski lift thingy though.
    Great photos!

  2. Thank you SOOOOOO much, I just got a lovely parcel from you!!!!!! xxxxxxx Are the beautiful squares for a bloggy blanket? They look GORGEOUS!!!! And the pattern and wool is just PERFECT - you lovely, lovely lady, you! Sending massive hugs and kisses, FM xxxxxxxxxxx