Thursday, 23 August 2012


Wanted to post this earlier but I got a little distracted.

Ta Dah – Cornish Mice finished.  Not too sure about the face of the boy mouse but they are done and I am happy with them.  I don’t really like doing fiddly but I did enjoy these two little mice.

I have finished another knitting project but the ta dah will have to wait as it’s a gift and I know the beneficiary visits here!?!?

Gift for a new bloggy friend Fostermummy – the pleasure is all mine in the giving.

The distraction – another of my interests is genealogy. Overnight I had an email from someone who was looking for information about my mums’ side of the family. An email or two later just to confirm she was not name hunting and we had a real connection; yeah.  I have found another distant cousin in Australia.  As a result I spent the most of today, between meetings (I do work – yes really I do), looking at the information she sent about one of mums Gt Aunts (Granddads sister; Mum was brought up by her maternal Granddad & Grandma); the family (Mum & Dad plus 7 children) went unassisted to Australia in 1889 only to returned in 1896 (still not 100% sure why; perhaps Leslie (new cousin) will be able to shed some light). I do like a mystery.  Two of the older children stayed in Australia and two returned a few years later after marrying in England. 

Off to see mum at the weekend so will have to pick her brains to see if she and her sister can remember anything more.

Do you have old photos of your ancestors – I find them so interesting; the style of dress, the way they look; the formality of the photo; just wonderful ephemera

MummyHen X


  1. Hello mummy hen, just found your blog having hopped over from Amanda.I love genealogy and especially old photos! I found a 4x great grandfather who had been transported to Australia in 1820, made great reading!
    I am your newest follower!

  2. Wow Mummyhen, I adore those two beautiful meeses (mice)!! I also love the Butterfly and can't wait to see what's in the parcel, soo exciting.

    Arwedd xx

  3. Hi Mummy Hen

    No BB parcel yet?

    Love those mice...they are so cute.

    A xx