Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hot Thursday
The sun is shining and its hot the outdoor thermometer is showing 32.6 and its only 10am.

Bread turn out OK but not that cheesy even with a load of strong cheddar; it loaf didn’t last long so it must have been yummy. I don’t really do bread, well I eat it every now and then but I then suffer from the most awful stomach pains – will I ever learn!?!?

The hens are all back to normal now which is great but still a few days more to get the egg production back on track.

The weekend didn’t have any plans but we had a lovely day on Saturday – we went to Battle (no we didn’t fight) 1066 Alfred arrow in the eye.. It was lovely – really pretty high street bunting over the road, pretty shop window displays, flowers (forgot the camera so no pictures). I did have an ulterior motive – DaddyHen was going to treat me to an ice cream maker attachment for my KA and it was the only place that had one that we would collect and it would be a nice day out.

Onward then to Maynards Farm – to PYO; time was short so we cheated and purchased raspberries, loganberries, plums, blackberries and cherries from the shop– all so much cheaper than the supermarket and I do like to support the local economy/smaller businesses and not the big corporate enterprises.

Had lunch in a lovely pub The Oak & Ivy in Hawkhurst - They do excellent food and great beer which Daddyhen loves. Whenever we’re in the area we always pop in for a drink. It has a great history of smugglers and gangs from bygone times.

Sunday was spent in the kitchen making ice cream vanilla, cherry & chocolate; I looked at a heap of recipes and decided to use my own; a basic custard recipe and then added the fruit or chocolate. Lovely ice cream really smooth but the cherry didn't taste much of cherries - umm don't want to go down the route of artificial flavours so Hen family will just have to put up with the natural flavours. The chocolate was seriously chocolaty; only a very small portion could be managed. We had the vanilla with plum tarte tatin I used this recipe and it was delicious, for lunch on Sunday. I froze the rest of the fruit - lined baking tray and placed each berry individually on the sheet so that they don’t touch, freeze for 24hrs and then put in bags or plastic boxes.

I have crochet squares to send to FosterMummy for the Bloggers Blanket – Can you send me your address so I can send them off.

Off on a tall ship tomorrow – the weather is going to hot

Well it was 10am when I started to write this but a few interruptions later is now after 1.30.
DaddyHen just brought me fish finger salad for lunch - yum 

MummyHen X


  1. Mummy Hen your squares are lovely. Thank you so much for joining in. Please accept a 'One Lovely Blog' award from me. You can find Fostermummy's email address on the Bloggy Blanket page.
    Love from Mum

  2. Hi there just find your blog from Ilona's (life after money). I am loving your crochet squares could you possibly post the pattern they are absolutely gorgeous.

    Kathy x

  3. Hello MummyHen

    Lovely squares..... great combination of colours and the white flower just adds that bit extra to each one!

    Can you send me your address please I should have my squares finished and added to the blanket this coming week. I would like to post the blanket to you on Thursday or Friday.

    Are you by any chance gluten intolerant...perhaps thats why you get tummy ache when you eat bread...just a thought :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)