Sunday, 28 July 2013

A weigh day - Day 7

Day Seven

Breakfast: left over Smoothie from yesterday - I'm really liking these

Mid-Morning: cup of tea.

Lunch: still had some left over from yesterday - it has now all gone so will be trying a purely veg juice tomorrow.

Dinner: Special Chicken and mixed salad.  Chicken pieces are just a false economy so I always joint my own chicken; plenty of places on the web to learn how.  Yesterday, I butterflied the chicken, cut open the chicken (I use scissors) by removing the back bone, turn over and press with ball of your hand - it will click and crunch.  This way the chicken lies flat with the breast in the middle and the legs open flat.  I marinated the chicken overnight; in a small bowl add good glug of apple juice (around 100mls), table spoon of hot smoked paprika, table spoon of chili powder, 4-6 cloves of garlic; this marinade isn't an exact science if you don't want it too spicy leave out the chili equally if you want it more spicy add more.  Lay the chicken in a flat dish and pour over the marinade, cover which plastic wrap and put in the fridge - baste a couple of times I baste before bed, then again in the morning and at lunch time.  Cooking is easy 45mins - 1hour on high heat 190 in the oven.

Mid-evening: cup of tea
Water throughout the day – aiming for min 2litres above another other liquid

Exercise: None – 15 mins on the bike; the plan called for a rest today but I felt energised to do some exercise.

Acknowledgement: The meals we have eaten during Monday - Friday have all been prepared by my dearest DaddyHen, weekend meals are by MummyHen.


MummyHen X

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  1. That chicken looks delicious. Best time of the year to start diets as you can eat no end of salads. I am trying to keep to the 2 litre of water per day. I found it hard to start with but now I find I need to take a bottle around with me where ever I go.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)