Friday, 2 August 2013

A weigh day – Day 8 - 12

I have not had the time to give you an update

I lost 9lbs in the first week – am really pleased

Monday I decided that I would try a green vegetable only juice; water, chard, cucumber, pear. 

Umm – it isn’t my favourite – it was very pulpy; I don’t have a juicer and I think with the blender the pulp doesn’t blend.  So for Tuesday I strained the juice though a clean J-Cloth it was much better, it’s still isn’t my favourite drink.  Tuesday lunch I was back to my old strawberry with coconut - yummy

Dinner: DaddyHen has made some lovely dinners – sole stacks (layers of sole fillets) with crushed Jersey Royals, capers and caper berries

Duck with fondant potatoes with cherries

Exercise: Managed a couple of time –but really to need to focus on the exercise 

Work has been very busy; was informed Monday that with immediate effect all budgets would be hit with a 10% reduction, the impact has been that some contractors have been given notice (which I just hate doing), some investment will now been postponed or scaled back.  Hopefully, 2014 budgets won’t be too hard hit as we have some exciting innovative IT projects planned. 

My Mums sister is going to have a landmark birthday in three weeks; I will be making a cake and some cookies.  I have been doing some research into cake and cookie design icing options etc.  I’m no expert but will give it ago – the designs will have meaning to auntie.  I soaked the fruit for the cake this week and made the cake this afternoon – its smells lovely, the holes on the top will be filled with cake that I'll cut off the bottom to make if sit flat. Will be experimenting with cookies tomorrow.


MummyHen X

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