Sunday, 4 August 2013


I mentioned in my last post that it was Aunties birthday in a few weeks and I would be making cookies – not something I have done before but after researching the web I found some inspiration – boy are there some very talented cookie makers out there.  I decided I would give it a go – I can bake and have iced cakes before so why not cookies.

I made a test batch yesterday and my chief tasters – DaddyHen and SonnyHen both asked if there were any more; NO.

During the week I had decided on the shapes – each having a special meaning to my aunt;

So today I made over 100 cookies, recipe from here the only thing I did different was to put the dough in the fridge as when I first tried it was far too sticky and the cookies became misshaped moving from the work top to the baking sheet.  For some reason on one batch I got the timings in the oven wrong it should have been 7 mins but for some reason the flowers and some of the crosses got a little too brown; if I get time I will remake these but once they are iced it won’t show and they aren’t burnt just brown. These are now in the freezer awaiting icing – now that’s going to be the tricky bit.

I have approx. another 40 cookies to make – they can wait until next weekend.

I’m really happy with the elephants (Auntie lived in India for over 30 years) as I searched for a suitable cutter – nothing really jumped out but then I stumbled on this delightful elephant herd – I really liked the shape and the design but I couldn’t find the cutter in the UK and was not going to pay for it to be shipped from the states and I really don’t have the time to wait.  So I made the cutter – I printed out the shape and made a cardboard template and then used a strip of aluminium and bent it around the cardboard template into shape;

I used flat screw driver to bend against for the right angle corners, an old battery to get the bend in the trunk; it took a good few hours to make but I really enjoyed it.

MummyHen X


  1. You had time to make 100 cookies? and an elephant cutter shape? Wow - and you can crochet :)

  2. That is SO clever. I love elephants and I know they will be great favourites with your aunt. Have a lovely time together.

    Sft x