Monday, 26 August 2013

Bettys Party

We had such a lovely time at my Aunts family birthday party on Saturday; family party because on Sunday she had another party for church friends and then today is her actual day.

We only tend to get together, as an extended family, at major events the last one was my mother’s 80th a couple of years ago prior to that it was my father’s funeral. 

We had a lovely lunch at a restaurant in called Moorings; very reasonably priced good food in large portions.  Mum seemed to enjoy her ice cream sundae. 

Back to Mums house for tea, cookies and cake.

MummyHen X


  1. I find that unless we organise a get together our family only meet at weddings and funerals!
    Gorgeous cakes!

  2. Happy birthday Betty-you look stunning!

    Your mum reminds me of my mum-tucking into her ice-cream!

    Do you hire your mum out for catering occasions, those cakes are amazing. I bet Betty loved her day(s)?

    Sft x