Friday, 26 July 2013

A weigh day - Day 4

Day Four

Breakfast: cup of tea, had series of early calls today so just had a cuppa - need to be more organised and have a juice in the fridge from the day before.

Mid-Morning: cup of tea.
Lunch: Egg mash-up – scrambled egg/ omelette with a little pepper, spring onion & courgette & chilli.  Decided on something a little more food like as I'd missed breakfast.

Dinner: Salmon salad

Mid-evening: cup of tea

Water throughout the day – aiming for min 2litres above another other liquid
Exercise: 15 mins on the bike

Need to start thinking about strategies for the weekend – as I know from previous experience that this can be break time.  During the week everything is structured but the weekends have no structure.

I have to stop drinking about 8pm otherwise I'm up at least twice in the night.  I did contemplate doing three juice meals but I know from doing a well known weight loss programme that is built around no food just 'food packs' shakes; that just drinking and not eating it a real killer for me.  So two juices/smoothies a day with a sensible high protein evening meal is the way to go.   

MummyHen X

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