Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A weigh day – Day 1

This is confession time – My name is MummyHen and I’m overweight.  Yes I’m tall 5’11½” – but I need to be way over 7ft for my weight.  I am large framed my hands are larger than DaddyHens and my feet are a size 10; I’m never going to be Twiggy – but I can be much much lighter and healthier.  So until Christmas I’m going to blog about my fight to lose 28lbs.

My job is sedentary and I find it really difficult to find time to move about – sounds stupid but true.  Some days I take very little exercise – working from home really is not all it’s cracked up to be; some days the furthest I walk is to the end of garden and that less than 100ft. Time for me is also an issue – I am looking at ways of doing some cardio at home; more to follow on this. Weekends are different and we do try and do at least one 5 mile walk and get out and about.

If you’ve not seen or heard of Fat, Sick and nearly Dead; there are plenty references to this on the internet; then do take a look on how these guys lost weight by drinking juice for 60 days.  I will be drinking juice for breakfast and lunch; dinner will be a healthy meal primarily fish or chicken, may be meat once a week and either salad or veg.

The smoothies or thickies are from Katherine’s site Green Thickies some great recipes on this site

Day One
Breakfast: Porridge made with skimmed milk, cup of tea
Mid-Morning: cup of tea

Lunch: Morning mango smoothie  this was yummy

Dinner: Poached salmon and mixed leaf salad
Mid-evening: cup of tea

Water throughout the day – aiming for min 2litres above another other liquid

Exercise: None


MummyHen X


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  1. It was a brilliant programme wasn't it and we've jumped on board straight away.

    We started on Monday of this week after easing ourselves in gently over the weekend and I've lost 6lbs already and my Lovely Hubby has lost 4lbs, feeling great too, apart from a thumping headache this morning.

    Hope it does well for you too, it does help that juices are absolutely delicious, well if you tinker with them a bit. LH's celery, leek and lettuce definitely needed the pear and apple added :-)