Sunday, 7 April 2013

Walk this way

Both DaddyHen & I got on the scales on 1st April to find we had both gained nearly all the weight we lost last year – really disappointed; but we only have ourselves to blame.
Out go the wine, beer, cheese, carbs and the picking.  The channel 4 programme secret eaters made us think about our eating habits.  I found nearly every time I went into the kitchen to make tea or put the washing on I found I was opening the fridge. That has to stop.  We both have a weakness for cheese – that’s off the shopping list.  One half wholemeal loaf of bread a week instead of the artisan loaf, and the bloomer and the granary – most of which was getting thrown away; money saving as well as waistline saving.

Not only has the eating changed but so has the exercise; we have been going for 20min walks each day with a longer walk planned at the weekend.  I sit behind a desk for 10 – 12 hours a day, some weeks I don’t leave the house from Saturday to Saturday.  So I have scheduled a meeting in my diary for 30mins every day to go for a walk; start with a 10min walk each way increasing to 15mins in week 3 etc.  The walk is not a dordle or ramble but a brisk walk with the aim to get a little breathless but still be able to hold a conversation. 
With the help of this brilliant app – not in the habit of promoting but it’s free, yes gratis not a penny MapMyWalk – its brill; it uses the built in GPS in your mobile phone to track duration, distance, calories burnt, etc. Give it a go – I’ve only used it for a week but am really impressed.

Yesterday we went for a walk – what I thought was 4 mile round trip but turned out to be 7.28miles – yes I feel tired and a little achy, it took 1:50mins (that included buying some light groceries [I forgot to pause the app] I burnt 1710 calories.  I do like my apps, gagets and gizmos so having this to 'play' with will be good in help in keeping a record of what exercice we have done.
Not to mention that yesterday here in Kent was a lovely day just right for walking.



MummyHen X

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