Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Train journey – back home

On the breakfast menu at the hotel was my very favourite - eggs benedict; which is a real treat.

On the way back to the station a number of vintage buses and coaches from a bygone era pasted us.  It was a ‘running’ of the Cornwall Bus Preservation Society; a real shame we were not staying longer I would have loved a trip to St. Just on one of these buses.

On route we came across a golden post box – remember these from the Olympics; this one is for Helen Glover who won gold for rowing.

The train back to Paddington was very loooong 6 hours due an engineering works diversion.  We sat on the other side of the train to get a different view – the sea wall at Dawlish

Any way we made it back home to my lovely comfy bed.


MummyHen X

1 comment:

  1. Eggs Benedict-yum!

    Lovely buses, I love anything vintage like that.

    I will have to look out for the post box when we go to Penzance in August. Whereabouts was it?

    Sft x