Saturday, 13 April 2013

No – I am not a miser

Frugal Queen asked recently  Are you a miser?

In short – No.  But (there’s always a but and this is a BIG BUT) I don’t want to chuck my hard earned cash away so I am careful how I spend and with whom I spend with.

My preference for grocery shopping is to spend with the local butcher, baker and greengrocer; but in practical terms that’s not always possible so Mr T or Mr S will get a visit, on occasion Mr A but he’s the furthest away.  My corner shop Mr CoOp has some great yellow stickers; I always look for yellow stickers, whoopsie, items marked down; most things can be frozen but only buy if you will use it.  I recently got some yellow sticker chicken reduced from £4 to £2.05 and pork shops from £4.00 to £1.99 – they also had some Clover spread and Pizzas reduced but as they aren’t things we eat there’s no point in buying but because the lure of a nice brightly coloured yellow sticker.

We reviewed our energy supplier at the end of February.  We aren’t the best at turning lights off or unplugging equipment – do people really crawl behind the TV each night to turn it off at the mains? The dishwasher is used once a day on average, the washing machine is used on average twice a day, tumble dryer same during the winter – although we have made a conscious effort to reduce this. TVs in four rooms and satellites boxes; DVD player, two laptops, two monitors, a printer, a shredder, phone chargers, clock radios, kettle, fridges, freezers, oven, microwave, boiler, outside light, pond pump, charging drills and other equipment SonnyHen needs for work; it all mounts up. 

For a week every evening we turned off at the mains or unplugged as many devices as we could (obviously it would be foolish to turn off the freezer), took electric reading as we went to bed and then again first thing in the morning – we had used 4 units whilst we slept. The next week we just left everything as normal and we used 20 units – so YES it does make a difference

Do you unplug and switch off at the wall each night?


MummyHen X


  1. Your honesty is refreshing. I too cannot believe the proliferation of gadgets over the past twenty years that require electrical input of some sort. When we started out it was TV, iron, kettle, Hoover. Now we can't even brush our teeth without plugging into the Natonal Grid!

  2. Gosh no I don't but I might think about it after reading this. I think it would be impossible to unplug everything but I might try and make a few changes.

  3. Actually, yes we do switch off (not necessarily actually pull the plug out) every night but that's as much because I have a bee in my bonnet about safety and not leaving unnecessary appliances plugged in as it is about saving money. The only things that get left on are the freezer and the fridge. I know cable companies like Virgin say their box should be left on constantly, but we turn it off at the mains every night and have never had an issue.

  4. I turn most things off - and leave just the freezer and fridge on each night - Oh and plus the alarm clock! xxx