Saturday, 6 April 2013

Back now – been VERY busy


Did you miss my ramblings?

The past month has flown by; work work and more work and very little play. We had a massive increase in staff since January with 24 arriving in the last four weeks. 
I did find a few hours play each week where mainly spent away from the computer – I felt that I had already spent more than 12hours at my desk each day to then spend time bogging or researching was just too much.  I have started a quilt style granny square crochet blanket – can’t say too much until the reveal as it’s for my Mum and she reads this blog – waves to mummy.  I also have plans for a tiny granny square blanket - the squares are made but need to decide on the colour placements.


Little Cat – is back to normal.  He had is final operation a couple of weeks ago to remove the wire in his jaw.  Final cost £2,830. We have now setup a DD to a Cat Account so we are putting away £30 each month to help if there are any future accidents.  As both cats are over 10 years old the insurance was VERY expensive. 

The only downside to Little Cats accident was that I couldn’t pay the extra £1,000 to my CC that I had planned, I am hoping to make it up over the next four months by paying an extra £250 over plan; still on track to pay off by August. They tried tempting me by increasing my credit limit – but NO I stood firm.  DaddyHen has paid off half his BarclayCard and they offered him 0% interest on balance transfers so he is looking at transferring a smaller balance on another card to the B’Card, snowballing, getting rid of the card.  This would mean he has only one card, albeit with a £10k+ balance but this would paid off by February 2014. The other card has a higher monthly interest than the B’card so would be prudent to transfer the balance. He needs to do the sums to make sure that we’d benefit.

Haven’t been spending much cash so the Tin hasn’t been getting fed with many £2 or £5 just the odd bit of change at the end of each week.

MummyHen X

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