Monday, 22 April 2013

Train journey

We had a lovely time – I didn’t take my laptop so wasn’t able to blog.
Haven’t been to Paddington station for a long time – it looked different to what I remember – or maybe I look at things differently now that I’m older??!! Statues of Paddington Bear

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
a striking three faced clock(!),
a really lovely balcony window - this just looked so out of place,

tonnes of iron work

Five hours on the train is a long time to keep occupied, I took your advice and did a variety of things to make the journey go by in a wizz; people watching – there are some very odd people in this world – the drivel people come out with?!?!; looking at the scenery; there is some really lovely countryside;
crochet – decided to start a blue gingham blanket for a colleague that’s just had a new baby. 


MummyHen X