Monday, 31 December 2012

Six months of blogging…
The year has ended on a high in the MummyHen household (we have not had any powercuts since Saturday morning - ssshhhhh)

After six months of blogging, six months of being careful with money, watching what we spend we have made some really good progress.

Credit card #1 has been paid in December good riddance – woooohooo (dances a jig).  I will write about the problems of trying to close the account.
CC#2 is now being targeted with final payment due in August.
DaddyHen Loan paid off in July.

Snowballing has begun – DH loan and CC#1 are now going towards CC#3 which should be paid off in latter months of 2013.
CC debt is now just over £42,000; down from over £54,000.

Emergency fund established in July.

Christmas - no cc spending everything is paid for.
And the best of all was making some lovely friends in blogland

Thanks to all of my followers and readers

Goals for 2013 are being finalised …

Happy New Year!!

MummyHen X



  1. Amazing progress you should feel suitably proud of your achievement.

  2. Well done on what u have achieved,Happy New Year .
    lisa xx