Thursday, 27 December 2012

Had a lovely Christmas…

Except for the power cuts.
Just sitting down to Christmas lunch and darkness, after stumbling around for mobile phone I managed to phone the power company – it’s not the same as the one we pay our bill to for power cuts you have to know who is the supplier of electricity.  Anyway got the number logged the call – they were already aware; I did point out that the auto messages whilst waiting do say to check the website or yellow pages or utility bill.  Yellow pages we recycle as we have the internet,  ah except when we have no power, and we don’t get a paper bill it’s all online.  Fortunately I have a phone that is internet enabled but what about those that don’t; anyway I had my whinge.  We were able to carryon eating and the day wasn’t really spoilt; just over an hour without power, but some of the neighbours where still cooking and they have small children – it can’t have been much fun.  One of the positive things is when you phone and report it you can get text message updates – that was helpful. 

Boxing day – quite day; visited MIL. Just sitting down to dinner and again - darkness – yes another blackout.  This time the number was already in my phone – the  man on the phone said I was the first to phone; and was I really sure it was a power cut and not my fuse box – deep breath; yes I was sure as we had one the day before.  Again just over an hour without power.
Went to bed early as have been suffering a cold and sore throat; didn’t sleep well so woke late at just after eight; that’s odd the digital clock isn’t working – yes you’ve got it another power cut.  Phoned again – blah blah blah.  This time they will send out a gang to see if they can identify the fault and fix it.  This time is wasn’t as bad as it was light so we decided to go out and collect medicine for the cat – it could have waited but might as well do something useful whilst the power is off.  SonnyHens birthday next week so pickup up a few presents in the sale – shhh.  By the time we got home the power was back on.  First thing was to make sure all the phones are fully charged.

We will now put together a power cut kit and leave it in the draw in the hallway so we don’t have to rush around finding touches, matches, candles, radio with battery.

Do any of you have a land line phone that doesn’t use electricity to work – remember the days before digital phones; we don’t and it’s a real pain.


MummyHen X

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  1. What a real pain!!! Power cuts that is...we get them here and yes its nice the Elec company deduct from the bill but its something like 0,40cents ridiculous! Not a bad idea that making up a power cut kit...I keep meaning to...good New Year resolution. Fingers crossed u don't get anymore.
    wishing you bright things for the New year

    Amanda :-)
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