Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas preparation

[thought I'd published this yesterday - grrrrr]

Although I’m working next week – it’ll be much less busy and stressful as most of my colleagues are on holiday, so finishing work yesterday was a relief. 
Went to Mr S’burys today and to spend my nectar points and do a final shop before Christmas – it wasn’t as bad as previous years.  Speaking of previous years – I looked back at how much we spent last year on Christmas; everything gifts and food; it was a real shock, north of £3,000.  No, I can’t believe it – this year I have spent under a third of last year – just the butcher to visit on Monday and then we are done.
I received a lovely cook book for my birthday from SonnyHen along with a request for a gingerbread house

 – never made one of those before; ok I’ll give it ago; had everything in the cupboard except the decoration; so have started

What are you going to prepare over the next few days?
Tomorrow preparation
Bread sauce
Cranberry sauce
Mince pies
Sausage rolls

Monday preparationButcher – turkey and beef
prepare vegetables
Feet up, relax with a glass of ...

MummyHen X

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