Friday, 28 December 2012

It goes on and off and off and on…
Power cuts still on going. Power went at 7pm yesterday evening; workmen turned up at 10pm, lights came on for about an hour. Then the digging started, yes they started to dig up the pavement directly outside my house at midnight, why couldn't they do this when they came at 10am in the morning??!!

They continued digging and looking for the problem until 2:45. I did telephone to complain, but the thing that got me. You won’t believe it. The power company do send text updates during the power cut but they stop at 22:00 until 7:00 because of the noise nuisance. Yes, blogging friends they won't send updates because its (and I quote) 'it's against the law' as it causes a noise nuisance but its ok for them to erect powerful lights and for them to dig up the pavement in the middle of the night directly outside my bedroom. I am not happy.

Eventually got to sleep to be woken by the house alarm going off - you know what that means - yes another power cut. More workmen, another hole in the pavement a few doors up. Clearly the hole they had to dig in the middle of the night in front of my house was a waste of time and sleep.

The customer liaison officer phoned me this afternoon after the power had been off for 6 hours, to apologise for the inconvenience but they still hadn't found the fault and we should expect more power cuts.

Brilliant just brilliant!!

MummyHen X

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  1. I'm hoping that you will be getting a rebate on your bill??