Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Work life balance struggle


Far too much happening – I don’t seem to have got the work-life-balance right at the moment.  So a quick update.


These were August goals

Keep within food budget. August is a long month with five weeks so our food budget will be £675 (£125 per week + £50 bulk buy). Met with £12.64 in the kitty 

Pay extra on CC#1met paid extra £1,000 

Increase the monthly payments to other CCs – will only be rounding up to nearest 100 but it will helpMet – it’s always a boost to when the statements come in its good to see the amount owing going in the downward direction

House maintenance – redecorate dining room; Failed this will happen before our holiday later in September (I have no control over this.  Paint has been bought I just need a willing body?!!?!)

Book holiday – looking forward to a break at end of September.  Met flights, ferries, hotels & activities all booked.  So looking forward to this


MummyHen X


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  1. Just found your lovely blog through Marmalade and Catmint. Looking forward to your posts in the future. Please pop by my blog if you get a minute - I'd love to see you there :) Maggie xx