Saturday, 8 September 2012

September Goals

Wanted to post this a week ago but too much happening – things at work have calmed down, it’s the weekend it's 29 degrees the sun is shining – I’ve been baking (more on that tomorrow) and have the time to finally post about our goals in September.

Keep within food budget – four week month and we're away for 10 days but SonnyHen will be staying to look after the cats, chickens, fish and the house; the budget will be £550; however as we're away I am hoping to spend £100 - £150 less.  We will see.

Pay extra on CC#1 – we have really concentrated on paying down this card.  Back at the beginning of July we owned over £8,300, paying extra and snowballing* in the past 10 weeks the balance now just over £4,200; still on schedule to pay this off by end November.

House maintenance - redecorate the dining room

Keep to holiday budget – flights, ferries, some hotels and activities paid.  I have allowed a budget of £80 per day for all extras including lunch and dinner each day – perhaps a little generous but this is our main holiday and don’t want watch the pennies too much.




*Snowballing – finished paying off a loan in July, this monthly sum was then added to the regular monthly payment on CC#1, this means that the monthly payments are now £650 + whatever is left at the end of each month.



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  1. Looks like you are on target. Enjoy your holiday.
    Love from Mum
    PS Stroke puss cat for me.