Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Holiday - Day 1 & Day 2

I had to work until lunch time so made sure everything was packed the night before. One suitcase and one piece of hand luggage.

DaddyHen and I took the train to London Bridge changed trains, it was really easy, just walked across the platform. The Gatwick train arrived on time 30 minutes later we were at the airport.  

The check in hall is right next to the exit barriers at the station no long walks with luggage - DaddyHen commented on how easy it was - umm does that mean he approved of my money saving way of getting to the airport? I think that's a Yes!

Managed to make good progress with my crochet on the train, in airport departures and on the flight.

The hotel where we have stayed in Guernsey before was full so they recommend their sister hotel, which had recently been refurbished and we weren't disappointed. The room was beautiful and the food at dinner excellent. 

Next morning, after a good breakfast - the plan is not to have lunch each day, we went to the library to look at newspapers from WW1 looking for casualty lists from 1918.   After we found what we were looking for we headed down through Candie gardens - beautiful view over St. Peters Port - into town. The bunting in the high street looked lovely.

The Guernsey Archieves holds the identity cards of the Islanders who were resident during WW2.  Information on these forms, which includes a small black and white photo is fascinating all the standard name, address etc  it also includes eye colour, employers name, name of dependents and details of any previous military service as well as names of relatives currently serving during WW2. Opposite the archieves is the Cock and Bull pub - which served an excellent pint so I'm told!!  

That evening we went to a restaurant in Town which was recommended and after reading reviews it seemed to have excellent food - the reality was totally different.  The food was ok but nothing special, the staff had issues with command of the English language and one in particular had personal hygiene issues.

Up early tomorrow as we are off to Alderney

MummyHen X

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