Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Eek – cost of printer cartridges

I had forgotten how expensive ink cartridges are.  I have a HP Officejet 7500A.  Its newish; forget how long I’ve had it but must be coming up to a year.  For my work I have to print, sign, scan documents to PDF, so when I was looking for a new printer I needed one with scanning and faxing capabilities – the fact it can also print A3 is a bonus for some of the Family Trees I send to older members of the family.

DaddyHen wanted something printed – the out of ink message came up – checked the cupboard no replacements.  Opened the printer took out the cartridges and gave them a shake – I’m sure I read somewhere that it can trick the printer into thinking it still has ink. In any case I don’t just change the cartridges when the printer tells me.  I keep going until the read quality is totally gone.  We don't actually print that much - may be a dozen sheets a week.  Patterns for knitting and crochet I read on iPad in PDF, likewise for any recipes - although I do worry about the ipad in my very small kitchen.

Previously, I have tried refills – very messy and the print quality wasn’t that good.  Own brand (some large computer stores sell own brand) – tried those; print quality was poor and they didn’t seem to last that long and I had issues with the printer accepting them.  So I stick to branded cartridges – unfortunately my Mr T and Mr S (both of which I have loyalty cards for) don’t stock the type I need.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I got a few loyalty points for spending so much.


Black cartridge £24.99; each of the colours £9.99; total spend £54.96.
Lets see how long this lot will last.


MummyHen X


  1. Nice blog. You might want to try Amazon, I am told they are reasonably priced for this type of purchase.

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