Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's been a while

But I am still here, albeit tired and battered after working much too much – I shouldn’t complain as I have a good job. Hopefully we can get away for a few days to recharge the batteries.

The winner of my giveaway – I hadn’t forgotten is Gill from Gloucester - new follower.
Mail me your details so I can get your prize in the post thiftymummyhen(at)
Lots of things happening – money saving is going well.  Managed to get £293 back from insurance company on SonnyHens van insurance; they had not applied his 4 years no claims discount, it a lot to lose when you are a male driver under 25 and driving a van.  After a few phone calls, a mention of the ombudsman the NCD was applied and the refund was back in my account.  Payments to CCs are still on track.

Finally, after many months our dining room is being decorated –things happen pole pole (very slowly in Swahili) in this house.  We decided to change from a pale creamy/yellow to a pale lilac/grey & deep purple; a bold move which was not universally welcomed at first, but its growing on the dissenters. The walls are painted , the new floor is down, new architrave is in place, and most of the skirting is down – one length on order; will be so happy all the furniture is back in its place; it’s all a bit discombobulated at the moment.
Flowers and veg in the garden are coming on a treat.  We have a number of different calistamans  (bottle brush) red, purple, white and yellow.  The yellow is flowering for the first time this year – bees just love it. 
Strawberries are looking plump - just waiting for some sun to ripen.
Hanging baskets are looking lovely

 MummyHen X



  1. Wow, your hanging basket looks fantastic. I wish mine looked so good.

  2. Everything seems to be coming together nicely - your garden and new room look fab! I hope you'll do a post on your new room.
    Love from Mum

  3. Thank you!!
    I'm emailing you now!!