Friday, 28 June 2013

Office with a view

Most of the week I work from home – which I have done for many years.  I changed my job about 2 years ago, same organisation just different role, in February we relocated from central London to Canary Wharf which meant more space and 85% of the team are now in one place. As the crow flies its much nearer home but with no direct trains, driving is an option but those of you who know of the Blackwall tunnel, one of only two tunnels that is open to traffic that cross the Thames, will know that it takes hours to get through during the rush hour.

Sometimes I get the train and the DLR (Dockland Light Railway).
This is the view I have – I actually really like it.
Thames Clipper ferry 

Thames barrier

The dome, the O2 Arena - not sure of what its officially called
It’s not pretty in a flowery sense, it’s not the side of the building that looks west towards central London, north just faces another of the many towers in Canary Wharf, south has partial views, but east, my view, has the dome, Thames barrier, views over south London towards Kent, a little bit of river.

Ferries passing up and down, naval vessels, helicopters, window cleaners – I’ve seen them all from the window.

HMS Richmond arrived this week

Tall ship Tenacious

Thames Sailing Barge

What’s the view like from your office window or work place?

MummyHen X



  1. Definitely do like your view from your office MummyHen...its what I call a busy view and everychanging I'm sure. Its also quite impressive being London!
    I think if you were watching a beautiful floral,rolling green hills view you'd long to be out and about.

    I move around as I am a freelance ESOL teacher so I go from company to Business college therefore it can sometimes be a dreary industrial estate view,right in front of the beach view or very much building in front and behind view BUT sometimes I teach in the Chamber of Commerce and that is smack in front of the port and it is a really beautiful blue sea, old historic buildings view.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Wow, what a wonderful changing view. Plenty to see. I'm surprised you get any work done!
    Love from Mum