Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Found a lump

in my left breast – I had one before back in 2002; I don’t have any history of cancer in my family (no sisters & my mum is healthy) so wasn’t unduly worried but would keep a daily check.  I didn’t tell DaddyHen as he’s the biggest worrier.  The lump was still there 10 days later so decided I should go and get it checked.

I told DaddyHen – he didn’t sleep that night; on the Monday morning I phoned the hospital, the consultant I saw all those years ago had a clinic in the afternoon, and would see me at 1pm.
I saw the consultant and yes I had a lump, she had an ultrasound in the room and said it was just a cyst (which is what I had before) but would send me for a mammogram and a more detailed ultrasound. The cyst was the size of a ping pong ball in the left breast, along with two smaller cysts small pea size; in the right breast, where I hadn’t felt any lumps I had an oblong shaped cyst 2cms long but this one was deep in the tissue that’s why I couldn’t feel it.

After the mammo and the ultrasound, I returned to see the consultant who explained that there were a number of cysts in each breast but there was nothing nasty and shouldn’t worry. She recommended that the larger cyst should be drained; fine needle aspiration under ultrasound (that’s what it says on the invoice) the reality was a massive needle and syringe which was inserted into the lump. The fluid, yellow gunge was drawn off; there was lot of it.  I didn’t feel a thing – honestly it was painless, I didn’t even have a bruise and there was no sign of any mark where the needle had been inserted.  I was back home by just after 4:30. 
I could have phoned my doctor – last time I tried to get an appointment there was a 3 day wait, then if he thought I needed referring that would be another wait and because of my history (no family with a history of cancer) there would be a wait – I just needed to know.
I am fortunate enough to be able to go private – I could have put the cost on a CC, I have sufficient in the emergency fund, I had put aside some money for the redecorating of the dining room – that could wait.  The cost
Fine needle aspiration under ultrasound control
Mammography bilateral
Ultrasound of Breast Bilateral

The cost was split £200 to the consultant and £281 to the hospital – to me it was £481 well spent.
If you find a lump ALWAYS seek medical advice. Cysts are very common. 9 out of 10 breast lumps are benign. 

MummyHen X


  1. So glad you are ok and that it was a painless and quick procedure. xx

  2. Glad everything got sorted quickly and you're OK!

  3. So glad it was just a cyst and that you are okay.