Friday, 24 May 2013

Some good news

This week I heard that I will get a pay rise – yeah.  It’s only a few per cent but it’s the first pay rise I’ve had in 4years and I’m please but also little disappointed.  I know it sounds awful when there are many who’ve not had a rise in a while or expect to get one in the near future but my company have been talking about it for months – since January – I thought I’d get it back dated until beginning of May but no – it will start 3rd June.

It means that there will be more money available to pay for the heating – it is so cold at the moment we’ve had the heating on the past few evenings; has anyone else?  I think I will have to put some money away for the extra cost, as it’s during these fine weather months we build up some credit with the electric and gas co for the winter – but not this year. I took a meter reading at the being of May, will take another beginning of June and work out how much the extra has cost and start a purse for extra funds.

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