Sunday, 12 May 2013

Westerham Walk

Didn’t feel well yesterday – I think I’m coming down with a cold (someone behind me on the train during the week was coughing and spluttering) and I was exhausted after a busy week even though last Monday was a public holiday I still worked a full day. Today DaddyHen and I went for our walk another 6 miler.
A circular route from Westerham – it’s a hilly walk through beautiful woodlands, bluebells were out, birds singing [really wish Bill Oddie was around] –both DaddyHen and I are hopeless when it comes to bird song, we did hear a peacock and the drill of a woodpecker, the most wonderful vistas.


Some to-die-for cottages – right off the beaten track – very chocolate box


Do you see The Scream or a baboon face in this photo or is it just me!?!?  You might need to squint - keep squinting, squint harder and turn your head to the right...

 MummyHen X

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