Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snail mail and email…

Went to the post office today – had a couple of parcels to post one to JuliaB and one to JulieD;  I really hope I put the correct label on the parcels !?!?! Both are of a yarnie / woolie nature so fingers crossed they receive the correct parcel.

Change from the post office netted a £2 coin and £5 note – all for the tin

Sue from Our New Life in the Country posted a few weeks ago on ‘A year of Less – Emails’ this struck accord here in the Hen house – I receive too many, far too many, emails.  I get so many that I setup rules on outlook to move or delete emails from different organisation but this only works to a limited degree.  So for the past few days I have been diligently reviewing all the emails and unsubscribing - some organisation are much easier than others ie just one click and you’re removed, others require email address and to tick various boxes giving reasons as to why; ok it might take a few minutes but it will stop the never ending amount of emails.

I have already noticed a reduction in the number of emails 

A cheery photo – still snow on the ground here



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  1. I got the package this afternoon, safe and sound. Beautifully wrapped and eager to get going with the squares. Thank you so much for the wool, it's just beautiful and so soft. I'm going to have so much fun deciding what to make with it. You are far too generous but the gift is much appreciated. xx