Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bloggy Blanket…

Will be on its way to a new home tomorrow.

JuliaB from Peacock Blue has offered to add a few squares to the Bloggers blanket.  Looking at the crochet Julia has on her blog I can’t wait to see what lovely squares get added.

If you want to get involved let Mum know at Mums Simple Living Blog

Like with most places in South East of England we have snow – my five hens still need to be cleaned out, fed and watered but they are not happy.  They have the option of free ranging in the garden but in this weather they just say in their run which is dry.


This robin seems to be happy and are even braving the cold for a dip in the waterfall. I need to work out how to take photos through the snow!!



  1. You are too kind, but I can't wait to get my mitts on the blanket as I have a special crochet squares book that I have been meaning to try out a few squares from. Now's my chance! Hope your chickens keep warm. xx

  2. Yeah! The Bloggy Blanket is on its way. Thanks Mummy Hen and Juliab. The robin photo is beautiful.
    Love from Mum