Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sealed pot challenge…

This is my sealed pot – well it’s more of a tin really.  It’s an old pantone tin from a few Christmases ago that had been relegated to the shed for ‘boys stuff’.  Well it’s now come in from the cold (and snow), cleaned up and sealed and used for my challenge.  I wasn’t going to buy anything new that would defeat the object of the challenge!!

I have been saving £2 coins and £5 notes since May 2012 and low denomination change has been going into the Pig for a while. All the coins, fivers and shrapnel has gone into the tin and the tin has been sealed. 

I have been sorting out stuff which will be put on ebay next weekend and the proceeds will be added to the tin.

Sold some yarn on Ravelry today - £7, DaddyHen came home with some change - £2 coin and £5 note; all for the tin.


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  1. It will soon mount up and you'll have a lovely sum to do with as you please by the time you open the pot.