Friday, 5 October 2012

Spending Summary September

Moneywise September not good, actually I am very disappointed.

Keep within food budgetSuccess; we spent less on food shopping actually we had £134 left over. SonnyHen complained we didn’t leave him enough money whilst we were away – WHAT!??! He’s working and earning well no VERY well – he had to food shop for him and GF; maybe he will now realise the cost of food.

Pay extra on CC#1 – spectacular Fail.  Not a penny extra was paid on CC#1.  Really hopeful we can recover in October.

House maintenanceFail again for second month running; I have given up asking [DaddyHen says I’m nagging] so I will leave this one for a few months.

Keep to holiday budgetFail – over spent by £50.  After the refunds for the activities that were cancelled, the hotel we had to spend an extra night in, due to the weather, was a little more expensive than the hotel that got cancelled. 

I work for a massive organisation and one of the many things I do each month is MI (Management Information) reporting; the group standard On Budget KPI is +/-10% ((spend-budget)/budget)), however, my department works on a +/-5% On Budget KPI.  I try to adopt the same principle in the Hen household.  This month we missed the KPI big time – A big fail during September.


Now that we are back home there will be a very tight control during October – unfortunately I’m not organised enough to participate in Stoptober – we will be sticking to no more than £125 per on shopping and trying to eat out of the freezer and cupboards as much as possible.


MummyHen X

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