Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Holiday – Day 8 – up up and away
Today was a treat for DaddyHen – he was going to have a flying lesson – not that we can afford for him to do a full course.  The weather had been awful so we arrived at the Aero Club expecting to be told that it would be cancelled but no the wind was fine and the lesson would go ahead.
I took some crochet to do whilst he was flying if I was not allowed in the plane – but no it would be fine it I wanted to go up as well.  I’ve flown many times and am not frightened but – in a small Piper Warrior piloted by DaddyHen who has never done anything like this before – oh what the hell. I’ll go up
Bob the tutor was very good –DaddyHen took to it like a duck to water! 
The pre-flight briefing was very detailed, Bob instructed DaddyHen on how to manoeuvre the plane to the take-off area on the runway.  Maybe it’s just me but I do find that when pilots make announcements - I always think they mumble; they never sound very clear.  Well listening to the pilots communicate with Air Traffic Control – it’s no different. 
Anyway we took-off on our flight around the island – with DaddyHen at the controls – I did at one point tap in on the shoulder as I thought we were banking too far over, other than that it was a great experience
Some lovely views
Part of St Ouen’s Bay looking north to the Grosnez
Corbiere Lighthouse
St Brelade’s Bay
After this point I was turning a little green around the gills as the plane was banking too hard.
Oyster and mussel beds in Grouville Bay
Gorey & Mount Orgueil Castle
 Les Ecrehous – we did finally get to see them
Plemont Bay – this is a Jersey secret – more about this bay tomorrow
Finally the airport is back in sight
MummyHen X

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