Monday, 1 October 2012

Holiday - Day 5 & Day 6

The weather is really awful, wind, driving rain and very rough sea.
We are back in the lovely hotel in Guernsey. Today we were hoping to go to Sark but the shipping company phoned - the boat will sail an hour later than planned. We are only going to be on Sark for 24 hours and the weather tomorrow is going to be the same and we have a flight to catch.

After some discussion we decided not to go to Sark. I am really disappointed but the weather is really bad (I'm a very bad sailor so the slightest wave and I'm green around the gills) and we can't risk missing our flight on Tuesday.  

So what do you do when its raining cats and dogs in Guernsey - go to the cinema.

The Sweeny was showing and DaddyHen being a BIG Ray Winstone fan so it was a date. We've not been to the cinema for a while so off we went. It was a very small not a big multiplex - it was a little dated something out of the 1980s. The adverts were blurred and so very cheesy but we whole audience laughed - all six of us!!

That evening we managed to get into an excellent restaurant (we had eaten there on a previous visit) and the food was superb - scallops followed by turbot; delicious.

We managed to bring our flight forward on Tuesday arriving in Jersey at lunchtime. For the first few days we are staying in Gorey in the parish of Grouville on the east of the island, it not an area we know that well as we usually stay in the west.

The hotel is basic; it's clean we are only doing B&B as there seem to be some good restaurants in walking distance.

View of Mont Orgueil Castle overlooking Gorey Harbour taken on the way to a fab restaurant. Another lovely dinner; smoked haddock and crab risotto followed by pan fried brill. 

Fingers crossed that our trip tomorrow to Les Ecrehous will still be on - its really very windy and rain very hard.


MummyHen X

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  1. The castle is gorgeous against that stormy blue sky! Hope the weather cooperates for the rest of your holidays.