Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Holiday - Day 7

Last night the company that is (or should that be was) going to take us to Les Ecrehous phoned to cancel the weather is bad with winds up to force 5/6 and the sea too rough - am really disappointed. 

Instead we spent the day walking on St Ouens beech. This is a varst beech of over 5 miles long of white sand; its a great location for surfers.

There are so many different types of seaweed

A few sea birds - this little bird which I think is a black headed gull, I know its head is white but these birds spend most of the year with a white head, so why is it not called a white headed full?!?! It was treading up and down to disturb the sand to get food.  I used the RSPB bird identifier to name this little bird.

This boat-shapped house called 'The Barge Aground - Seagull' can be rented out and is right on the beech

German fortifications are a common sight along the coast.  None of them are beautiful but do provide a reminder of the occupation during WW2

Lets hope for better weather tomorrow - today was bright but very windy

MummyHen X

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